Small Business Accountants of Melbourne

Bookkeeping Accounting ServicesAny business has at its heart the pursuit of goals such as growth, development and security.

Your rdl adviser is precisely that - a team of trusted small business accountants for Melbourne businesses that partner with you for the long term. We help you further your business opportunities, consider expansion, consolidation, and capitalisation.

Planning and attention to detail are crucial through all phases of any business. By engaging rdl's small business accounting services, you take the pressure off yourself. Your rdl accountant will identify risk issues for you, project cash flow, monitor growth and set benchmarks. We help make your business more competitive, profitable, and ultimately, grow your business in Melbourne.

It's a lucrative strategic alliance - the expertise of an experienced accounting and tax adviser combined with your own business acumen.

To assist you on the path to financial success, your RDL adviser will help you with:

  • Business Plans, Budgeting and Forecasting

Starting a new business can often feel like taking a giant leap into the unknown. The majority of new businesses that grow and succeed credit their success to the creation of a clear business plan.

Not only will a business plan provide guidance, it outlines risks so that these can be managed and avoided if possible.

rdl Small Business Accountants work with business owners and managers to create business plans that provide strategic direction for growth. Clear and concise budgeting and forecasting of business finances, allow you to put your best foot forward!

Find out more about Business Plans, Budgeting & Forecasting


  • Business Start-up

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. There are complex financial and taxation aspects which must be identified and addressed. An rdl Small Business Accountant can provide guidance in areas such as:

  • Identifying and planning the funding of start-up costs
  • Insurance
  • Superannuation
  • Tax advice and tax returns
  • Create a plan for business growth


  • Business Structures

Selecting the most appropriate business structure is a crucial decision when starting a business. This determines key areas such as decision making, small business tax, legal obligations and profit and loss distribution.

In some cases, there are more appropriate options than the traditional main three structures (sole trader, partnership, company). For instance, trusts or an incorporated association might be a more beneficial approach. An rdl Small Business Accountant can advise you of which business structure is most appropriate for your circumstances.


  • Bookkeeping Accounting Services

For many small business owners, bookkeeping steals valuable time away from the day-to-day operation of your business.

rdl Small Business Accountants Melbourne offer a convenient, cost-effective small business bookkeeping, tax and accounting service to take this burden away from you. We provide accurate reporting for business tax and statutory regulations. as well as providing you with a clear insight into the financial performance of your business. If you're looking for a bookkeeper in Melbourne, talk to rdl today.

  • Business Valuations

Business valuations are not simply conducted when buying or selling a business. Many of our clients request frequent valuations as their circumstances can easily change due to factors such as:

  • business mergers
  • expansion planning
  • restructuring
  • obtaining finance
  • the addition or exit of a partner
  • retirement planning
  • divorce

The value of a business can differ in the eyes of various people. Elements such as goodwill are often difficult to put a price on.

An independent business valuation can aid negotiations and provide a clear, unbiased value of a business.


  • Asset Protection

If the unfortunate happened and creditors came knocking on your door, would your personal and business assets be separated, leaving you protected? We enable directors and small to medium business owners to legally, and ethically, protect their assets and reduce exposure to risk.

Many unknowingly have assets accumulated in the wrong places or the wrong name. Rearranging these assets into separate entities can provide adequate protection.

For many clients, asset protection is not only about looking after them. It is a safeguard for their family and for future generations.


  • Business Succession Planning

Without careful planning, changes in management and leadership can be disruptive to the day to day operations of an organisation.

rdl Business Accountants can help you to identify any potential issues, planning ahead to ensure a seamless transition takes place.

rdl Small Business Accountants can also assist you with:

  • Mergers and takeovers
  • Management reporting
  • Detailed financial analysis
  • Strategies to manage change
  • Research and development grants


Your time is precious and valuable. Business fluctuates with the global economy and ever-changing market trends. RDL offers small business accounting services when you need them, to ease the pressure and the efficient running of your business.

Why not utilise rdl's accounting services including:

  • Business accounting and management accounting services;
  • Book keeper, accounting and reporting services;
  • Advice on accounting software (such as Quicken, Quickbooks, MYOB, ACCPAC);
  • Assistance with hiring bookkeeping and professional accounting staff

Contact an RDL Business Accountant for more information on our Business Advisory, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Melbourne.